The Cokaynes in Chaddesden, Derbyshire

The first record of an association between the Cokayne family and Chaddesden is often reported as the purchase of land and settlement there by Herbert Cokayne of Ashbourne in 1300 (Fearnehough 1991), although there appears to be no evidence to support this (P. Cholerton pers comm). However, in 1369/1370, Johannes Cokeyn of Ashbourne owned lands in Spondon and Chaddesden (Cholerton 1991).

In the early to mid 1500s, Richard Cokayne married Agnes Angell (or Angers) of Chaddesden and had sons Thomas and Henry (likely living in Chaddesden in 1583/84), and George Cokayne (of Ballidon, Ashbourne) married Elizabeth Angell, the probable daughter of Agnes by a second marriage (Cholerton 1991). It is this latter marriage alliance that AECM cites as the origins of the Chaddesden branch of the Cokayne family. Fearnehough (1991) states that the first name in the first parish register of St. Mary, Chaddesden, dating from the 1540s, is Cockayne and that the oldest readable gravestone in the churchyard is of a Cockayne with the date 1547. The source of this information is unclear as the early parish register is lost and the earliest gravestone in St. Mary’s churchyard today is from 1719 (P. Cholerton, pers comm).

The Calendar of Wills from the Bishops Transcripts at Lichfield lists a will for Elizabeth Cockayne of Chaddesden dated 2nd May 1623; this is the earliest will listed for a Cockayne residing at Chaddesden. There is considerable uncertainty as to who this Elizabeth was, especially as her will does not state from whom she was widowed, but based on the names within the will and following the pedigree in AECM it seems most likely that she was the widow of Francis Cokayne, eldest son of George Cokayne of Ballidon and Anne Lowe of Denby. The Calendar of Wills provides key dates for a number of members of the family and is invaluable in the absence of the early parish register. After 1720 the fate of the Chaddesden Cokaynes is easier to unravel.

Pedigrees of Chaddesden Cokaynes can be downloaded as follows (Each link opens a small jpeg or Word file):

Part 5 of the AECM: George Cokayne (-1623) to Francis Cokayne of Chaddesden (1727-1785); the Chaddesden branch.

Thomas Cokayne of Chaddesden (1710) to Robert Cokayne of Chaddesden (1881). Notes to read with this pedigree.

Benjamin Cokayne of Chaddesden (1663-1700) to Francis Cokayne (1755-1836). See also notes from Thomas Cokayne 1710 (above). 

Census information for the Cokaynes of Chaddesden

 CensusHouses in the village Males  


 1861 100231 234 465 
 1871 104241 244 485 
 1891 127342 340 682 

In 1841, the following Cokaynes were present in the village:

  • Christiana and Sarah, both aged 60, living together [sisters]
  • William (55, agricultural labourer) & wife Alice (50), and sons Robert (15) and Joseph (10). [Alice's maiden name was Cholerton]

In 1861:

  • Robert (38, a labourer) & wife Charlotte (40), and children Sarah (12), Jesse (10), Edmund (8), Elizabeth (5), Thomas (3). [Charlotte's maiden name was Needham]
  • William (14, a servant) was at Wood Farm. [this is almost certainly Robert & Charlotte's oldest child]
  • William (75, a former inn keeper) and his wife (72) lived in one of the Almshouses. [William's wife was Alice Cholerton; they are the parents of Robert]

In 1871:

  • Robert (48, railway porter) & wife Charlotte (50), and children Jesse (20, railway labourer), Edmund (18, malsters man), Thomas (13, plough boy).
  • William (23, labourer iron works).
  • Elizabeth (16, domestic servant at Wood Farm).

In 1881:

  • Robert (59, grain porter on railway).
  • William (33, assistant fitter Midland Railway) & wife Elizabeth (28). [Elizabeth's maiden name was Pegg]
  • Jesse (30, power crane driver engineer) & wife Mary (33), and children Clara (9), Mary (8), William (2). [Mary's maiden name was Tunnicliffe]
  • Thomas (23, railway loco labourer) & wife Clara (24), and child Harry (9 months). [Clara's maiden name was Blagden]
  • Joseph (19, railway horse driver).

In 1891:

  • Jesse (40, steel or iron turner) & wife Mary (43), and children Mary (18, dress maker), William (12), Robert (9), Francis (5), Ruth (3), Alice (1).
  • Thomas (33, coach fitter Midland Railway) & wife Clara (34), and children Harry (10), Fanny (8).

In 1901:

  • Mary (53, widow) and children William (22, fitter Midland Railway), Robert (19, fitter Midland Railway), Francis (15, assistant garden domestic), Ruth (13), Adelaide Alice (11).
  • Edward (48, iron turner Midland Railway) & wife Elizabeth (43), and children William H (19, coach boy builder Midland Railway), Frank (11), Alice (8), Edith (6), Isabel M (3), Robert J (10 months). [Elizabeth's maiden name was Bromage]
  • Thomas (43, railway assistant fitter) & wife Clara (44), and children Harry (20, carter on farm), Fanny (18).